Judy Siwik


   All my life I have devoted myself to helping others less fortunate than myself. In today's world a person can't get anywhere without an education. I have filled that requirement with a degree in Special Education. But, as early as grade school, I gave myself to the special needs children by feeding them their lunches. I was to feed the children and eat my lunch at the same time. Quite often my lunch became cold, but my special children came first. For 26 years I lived with special needs adults who couldn't read, but through pictures and words they were able to find out what was going on in the neighborhood.

   Since January I have been housed in a rehabilitation center. I have no speech background, but I have the ability to listen to people say words, although difficult, just to get a point across to me. Then as a result, the sweetest words ever spoken come out, “I love you Judy.” How sweet can that be! It is so nice to be one of God's disciples and put people first before myself. The needs of other people come first for me.