for the week of October 24, 2021


​SUNDAY, Oct. 24th    22nd Sunday after Pentecost 
          8:40 AM    Rosary
          9:00 AM    Health/Blessings for all Parishioners

                           Catechism Classes  

Monday, Oct. 25th

           9:30 AM     NO SERVICES        ​ 

Tuesday, Oct. 26th   

         11:00 AM     Funeral of + Wasyl Soduk in Canton, OH  

Wednesday,  Oct. 27th

           9:30 AM     H/B for Lidia Pellin – by Syvanych Family 
           5:00PM     Confessions in the Sacristy (or by appointment)
           6:30PM     BIBLE STUDY          

Thursday,  Oct. 28th

           9:30 AM      H/B for Joseph Skubiak – by Annette Dressler     

Friday,  Oct. 29th

           9:30 AM      NO SERVICES   

Saturday  Oct. 30th

            5:00 PM     + Ray Cromley – by the Ross Family

SUNDAY, Oct. 31st    23nd Sunday after Pentecost

          8:40 AM    Rosary
          9:00 AM    Health/Blessings for all Parishioners 

                             Catechism Classes