Last Update:  July 14, 2019

for the weeks of July 14, 2019


SUNDAY, July 14th  Sunday of the Fathers of the First 6 Ecumenical Councils
           8:40 AM     Rosary 
           9:30 AM     Health/Blessings for all Parishioners  - Josh Lehner’s Baptism     

Fr. Sal is going to Plast camp for the week
You can still text Fr. Sal in case of emergencies.

Mon, July 15th    
           9:00 AM     No Service

Tues, July 16th
           9:00 AM     No Service        

Weds. July 17th 

           9:00 AM     No Service
           6:30 PM  -  Bible Study - in parish hall

Thurs. July 18th   

           9:00 AM     No Service

Fri.  July 19th

           9:00 AM     No Service  ​

Sat.  July 20th  

            5:00 PM    No Service

SUNDAY, July 21st    Sixth Sunday after Pentecost

         8:40 AM     Rosary 
9:00 AM    Health/Blessings for all Parishioners