for the weeks of July 8, 2018


SUNDAY, July 15th   -   8th Sunday After Pentecost

            9:10 AM   Rosary 
            9:30 AM   
Health/Blessings for all Parishioners              

Mon, July 16th
            9:00 AM -  Fr. Sal is going on a retreat. Will be back on Thursday evening.
                        You can still text or call him in case of emergency.          

Tues, July 17th   
            9:00 AM -  NO SERVICE    
Weds. July 18th
            9:00 AM  - NO SERVICE
            6:30 PM  -  NO Bible Study
Thurs, July 19th    
            9:00 AM    NO SERVICE
Friday, July 20th  Prophet Elijah

           9:00 AM    H/B for Dr. Thomas Lehner – by Tom & Kristen Lehner​

Saturday, July 21st SUNDAY VIGIL LITURGY

           5:00 PM    + Rosemary Lehner – by Tom and Kristen Lehner

SUNDAY, July 22th    9th Sunday After Pentecost

           9:30 AM    Health/Blessings for all Parishioners

Summer Divine Liturgy schedule
Saturday July 21st at 5:00pm Fr. Misbrener
Sunday, July 22nd – at 9:30am Fr. Misbrener
Saturday, July 28th – No Liturgy
Sunday, July 29th – at 9:30am Fr Kulick
Saturday, Aug 4th – at 5:00pm Fr. Sal
Sunday, Aug 5th – at 9:00am Fr. Sal
Saturday, Aug 11th – No Liturgy
Sunday, Aug 12th – at 9:00am Fr. Hrytsyuk
Saturday, Aug 18th – No Liturgy
Sunday, Aug 19th – at 9:00am Fr. Hrytsyuk
Saturday, Aug 25th – at 5:00pm Fr. Sal
Sunday, Aug 26th – 9:30am Fr. Sal