for the weeks of April 6, 2020


All weekday and Sunday services will be celebrated temporarily without the participation of the assembly of the faithful. Our clergy will continue to celebrate and pray for you and with you vicariously.


           9:00 AM     Health/Blessings for Holy Ghost Parishioner

                              Readings for Sundays Service - Please check the Calendar page

Mon, April 7th    
           6:30 PM     No Service

Tues, April 8th    

           9:00 AM    No Service     

Weds. April 9th    

           9:00 AM   ​ No Service

           5:00 PM    Confessions in the Sacristy (or by appointment)                   
           6:30 PM  -  Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts

Thurs. April 10th  

           9:00 AM   No Service   

           6:30 PM   Reading of the 12 Gospels               

Fri.  April 11th          

           6:30 PM   Vespers  

Sat.  April 12th ​​

        10:00 AM - The church will be open for private devotion and prayer.

                            Please contact Father to a make an appointment if you wish to go to confession.                           

SUNDAY, April 13th  EATER

         8:00 AM     Resurrection Matins 
9:00 AM    Health/Blessings for Holy Ghost Parishioners  No Public Participation

                               Readings for Sundays Service 

                               Reading 1      Reading #2     Reading #3    Reading #4