Last Update:  Sept 15, 2019


Potatoes are peeled, boiled, mashed then scooped, onions are minced and fried.  The dough is kneaded, rolled out and cut into circles. Taking the cut dough and placing the potato filling inside, the dough is folded over and the sides are hand pinched.  The perogies are boiled, then placed on cooling trays. Once cooled, they are either sold or frozen for selling in the future.

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Large orders for Palm Sunday must be placed by Monday, April 1st.

    Throughout the year, our parishioners gather and create this wonderful comfort food.

​Perogies - pierogies - pyrohy - пироги - вареники,

It all means - DELICIOUS!!!

Pierogies (Pyrohies)

* $6.00 Dozen of Potato and Cheese with side of sauteed onions.

* $7.00 Dozen of Potato, Cheese and Sauerkraut with side of sauteed onions.