Get Ready for Christmas and Easter

Christmas Sale are usually held the first week in December. Items for sale will be Perogies, Kolachi rolls and Paska (Round Sweet Bread). For more information, E-mail


Notes: LARGE Orders of Kielbasi, Ham or Kyshka, ect, contact Winesburg Meats Inc. (330) 395-5092 in advance. Easter Baskets need to be preorder, contact Maria Griffiths.  Also the Ukrainian Store will be open for gift shopping.

Sweet Bread (Paska)

* Loaves are $6.50 Each.

* Estimated weight 2.5 pounds.


* Plain.

* With Raisins. 

Kolachi Rolls

* Varieties:

* Walnut and Walnut with Low Sugar,

   Poppy Seed, Apricot and Prune.

* $10.00 Full loaf.

* $  5.00 Half loaf.

* That's that - homemade thing.

Pierogies (Pyrohies)

* $6.00 Dozen of Potato and Cheese with side of sauteed onions.

* $7.00 Dozen of Potato, Cheese and Sauerkraut with side of sauteed onions.

* NO Need to boil. Our Pierogies are fully cooked.

* To be notified of our Bake Sale Schedule of Events:

  E-mail us at: Or click on the button.

  This way - no one gets left out. You will not be solicited for any other reason!

Pierogies, Kolachi and Bread Sales