Get Ready for  Easter

Items for sale will be Perogies, Kolachi rolls and Paska (Round Sweet Bread). For more information, or to place an order:


Notes: LARGE Orders of Kielbasi, Ham or Kyshka, ect, contact Winesburg Meats Inc. (330) 395-5092 in advance. Easter Baskets need to be preorder, contact Maria Griffiths.  Also the Ukrainian Store will be open for gift shopping.

Sweet Bread (Paska)‚Äč

* Estimated weight 2.5 pounds.


* Plain.

* With Raisins. 

Small - (16oz.) - $4.00

Large - (2.5lbs) - $8.00

Kolachi Rolls

* Varieties:

* Walnut and Walnut with Low Sugar,

   Poppy Seed, Apricot and Prune, and Almond

* $12.00 Full loaf.

Pierogies (Pyrohies) (click here for large orders)

* $6.00 Dozen of Potato and Cheese with side of sauteed onions.

* $7.00 Dozen of Potato, Cheese and Sauerkraut with side of sauteed onions.

* NO Need to boil. Our Pierogies are fully cooked.

* To be notified of our Bake Sale Schedule of Events:

  E-mail us at: Or click on the button.

  This way - no one gets left out. You will not be solicited for any other reason!

Pierogies, Kolachi and Bread Sales