Why are we doing this?

      The purpose of the Traveling Icon of the Holy Family is to recognize and encourage family unity, using the Holy Family as a model. It is one element of a vibrant parish, and dovetails with the desire of our Bishops to encourage more time spent in prayer. The Icon will help bring the family together at least once each day in prayer, thus allowing the Holy Spirit to be present daily amongst us. In this way Fr. Vsevolod hopes to encourage and enrich the daily prayer life of each parishioner and he will join the host-family once a week for prayer throughout its travels.

What if I’m single and/or live alone?

    By all means, sign up for the Traveling Icon.  Venerating the Holy Family is appropriate for individuals as well as families. Also, Fr. Vsevolod will deliver the Traveling Icon to those parishioners who are homebound or otherwise unable to attend Liturgy.

How do I participate?

     There will be a signup board in the Church vestibule. Please sign up for a week between now and Pentecost in 2014 to ensure there are no blanks! Volunteer for one or more weeks today!

Why is it called the Traveling Icon?

     Each week on Sunday immediately following the Divine Liturgy, the Traveling Icon of the Holy Family will be formally passed from one family to the next. The recipient family will display the Icon throughout the week in their home and pray with it, as a family, once a day—total time about 15 minutes/day. The suggested prayers will be provided, along with scripture readings for each day.

     The accompanying kit will include the following items:

  - Traveling Icon of the Holy Family Icon with stand 

  - a 7-day votive candle & matches

  - Suggested prayers   (click here to view)

  - Bible (large print version)

  - Daily Scripture readings

  - Special Jesus Prayer Rope

  - Carrying case

Traveling Icon of the Holy Family

What is it?

It is an Icon of the Holy Family, written in Ukraine, and loaned by Fr. Vsevolod for the duration of this project.