All these and many other traditions are symbols of faith – that all that we have is from God and that we physically present these gifts to Him to be blessed in thanksgiving.

We invite you to come celebrate with us!

           We love to eat!  Special dinners are prepared for Thanksgiving, St. Nicholas Day, Svyachene after Easter and other celebratory occasions. These dinners are prepared from the loving hands of dedicated parishioners – all the traditional dishes of our anscestors - pyrohi, kovbasa, holubtsi, haluski, borshch, paska bread, nut-rolls and much more. Doughnuts and coffee after Sunday Liturgy provide continuing occasions to meet fellow parishioners.


     Our ancestors brought with them many beautiful, meaningful traditions, traditions which reflect their deep faith in God and respect for each other, both living and departed. Some examples follow.

    Joyous occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, saint-days, births, accomplishments, whatever we humans celebrate, are recognized by the parish singing “Mnohaya Lita - Многая Літа"  – wishing the recipient good health, long years, and, in the end, salvation.

    At funeral and memorial services the parish celebrates the lives of our loved ones and honors them by singing “Vichnaya Pam’yat - Вічная Память" - to their eternal memory – O Christ, give them rest among the saints - a very special beautiful, prayerful and tearful hymn.