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Jan 13th – Prosphora dinner
 Jan 20th – “Learning to Evangelize” begins 

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Jan. 6th


Every Wednesday at 6:30 PM in the parish hall, a group of men and women gather to pray, read, study, and learn more about our Faith    Interesting commentary and questions about real-life issues from our reading material and from each other help us to discern God’s Voice in the midst of our busy lives.  Please join us.

Pyrohy Project Schedule

Feb. 2nd

March 2nd

The Jordan Water – The Very Sacred Object

From very ancient times the Eastern Church has regarded the sanctified water as a great sacramental, possessing miraculous powers for healing both soul and body.  It is a custom in our Church to gladly receive the priest who blesses and sanctifies their home with Jordan Water.  The prayers of the Great Water Blessing call upon the Holy Spirit to come down upon the water to purify and sanctify it, and impart to it a healing power for the benefit of soul and body. Please call or e-mail Fr. Vsevolod (Sal) to schedule a time for him to bless your home.

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Please pick up your 2018 envelopes in the Church vestibule. If you wish to have envelopes, please contact Fr. Sal. 

  Official publication of the Eparchy of St. Nicholas in Chicago ​

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